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What Should I Do Before My Ultrasound?

3D-4D-HD Live and Silhouette Appointments

We ask moms to drink double their water intake 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment. This helps achieve the best possible images of your baby. Our waves need to travel through fluid. More fluid in front of the baby’s face means a better quality picture.We also recommend drinking some cold juice about 15-20 minutes prior to your ultrasound, to help wake up your baby. Below Is an example of Why Water Matters!

Gender Reveal Appointments

For Mommies coming in for an early gender reveal (13+ weeks), we recommend drinking some cold juice about 15-20 minutes prior to your ultrasound, to help wake up your baby. Any gender blood tests/ultrasound for gender determinations are highly recommended to be booked min. 2 weeks prior to any reveal party/announcements.   

Early Ultrasounds (5-12weeks)

For mommies coming in anytime

between 5-12 weeks we ask that you have a full bladder when you arrive to your appointment.


***Drinking The Dr. Reccomended Min. 64 Oz+ Of Water Daily
Can Help Us Obtain Clear Images Of Your Baby!***

Why Water Matters!

There are two reasons why water matters so much! The first and most important reason is the human body is approximately 60% of water! Good hydration is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum. Water flushes waste products from the cells and aids in liver and kidney function for both mom and baby. Also, water is needed for the body's expansion as mom's blood volume increases. Not only does proper hydration produce adequate breast milk production, but it also is a factor in constipation, preterm labor, and miscarriage. The second reason is you'll have adequate amniotic fluid which is essential to get the best possible ultrasound images, not only for 3D-4D-HD Live-Silhouette but for 2D images as well!

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