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Our Studio Policies

Important information regarding our return policy!

  We DO NOT offer refunds/exchanges. 

We unfortunately cannot ensure a size will be in stock to accommodate an exchange at this time.

We are a small business and run everything exclusively by ourselves so in order to best serve you, we will HAPPILY give you a shopping credit in the form of a gift card to use on our site or in our store!

Returns must be within 7 DAYS of delivery or in store purchase, in its UNWORN condition.

All tags, & original packaging MUST stay attached and be returned. Any items with fragrance, animal hair & odor, or in otherwise used condition will be returned back to you. No exceptions.

This is for your protection and hygiene safety.

Any items that do not qualify for returns, will be sent back to you. Small imperfections and inconsistencies are normal due to the handmade process behind some products in our boutique.

Prenatal Care: I acknowledge that I have been informed by Sono Baby Ultrasound that prenatal care is important to a healthy pregnancy. I am currently receiving prenatal care and my doctor has been informed and has no objections to my attending this sonography session(s).

Concerns Should be Referred to Physician: I have also been informed by Sono Baby Ultrasound that use of Sono Baby Ultrasound services cannot substitute for care of a physician. If I have any concerns regarding my pregnancy, I will contact my doctor. I will in no way rely upon Sono Baby Ultrasound or its services for medical advice. I give Sono Baby Ultrasound permission to contact my doctor, should my Sonographer see anything of concern related to my pregnancy but will not rely on Sono Baby to do so. In no way will I rely on Sono Baby Ultrasound to determine my due date/#of weeks pregnant or anything health related to my baby and/or pregnancy. 

No Professional Negligence Claims: I am purchasing Sono Baby Ultrasounds services and products for keepsake, non-medical purposes. I agree that I have no right to recourse against Sono Baby Ultrasound or their Sonographers in any medical malpractice, professional negligence or any medical related claim arising out of or in any way related to my pregnancy or the birth of my child. This includes any claim for error in gender determination.

Assumption of Risks: I acknowledge that there is inherent risk in any activity involving a fetus and there are potential risks in this type of activity. I understand Sono Baby Ultrasound follows FDA recommendations for length of scan and frequency of ultrasound sound waves, and that no detrimental effects have been found in 40+ years of studies. I hereby voluntarily assume all risk of harm or injury to me or my baby resulting from the services provided by Sono Baby Ultrasound.

Waiver and Release of Claims: I hereby waive, release, acquit and forever discharge Sono Baby Ultrasound from any and all claims, expenses, demands, costs, causes of action, and other actions and liabilities, of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, whether in law or equity, that I or my baby may have arising out of or in any way related to my visit to Sono Baby Ultrasound. I agree that I shall have no right whatsoever to file any lawsuit or institute any other action or legal proceedings of any type arising out of any way related to my visit to Sono Baby Ultrasound.

Photo Release and Video/Audio: I give Sono Baby Ultrasound permission to post or use any photos or recorded data for advertisement purposes. I understand no names will be posted or used with the photos/video recording. I understand that video/audio recording is a HIPAA violation and there is absolutely. NO video/audio recording allowed inside Sono Baby Ultrasound. I have explained this to any and all guests/partner attending my ultrasound today and in the future are not allowed to video/audio record anything inside of Sono Baby Ultrasound inlcuding the ultrasound.I understand that Sono Baby Ultrasound may have video and/or audio recording of my ultrasound session and inside the building for its advertisment purposes, saftey,  

Picture Quality/Refunds/Rescans: I understand picture quality is dependent on many factors, including amniotic fluid, body type, placenta location, number of fetuses, water, etc. I understand that Sono Baby Ultrasound is not always able to obtain pictures of every baby. I understand that if no 3D/4D/HD Live/Silhouette images are obtained during your ultrasound we will offer ONE free rescan, in which you will have 2 weeks to use from the date of your original appointment. If after your free rescan we are not able to obtain images and you would like to rescan a 2nd time, you will be charged a $45 rescan fee.I understand If i do not give minimum 24 hours to cancel/reschedule my free rescan I will forfit the free rescan.  For gender determination, you will be rescanned for FREE until we are able to tell the gender of your baby(s). If you are not 13+ weeks at the time of trying to obtain a gender ultrasound. You will forefit a free return and your ultrasound will be changed to our Sono Baby Peek package and you will be welcome to come back at a later date and purchase a gender package at the time of 13+ weeks. I understand that any gender blood tests and gender determination ultrasounds are reccomended to take place atleast 2 weeks prior to any gender reveal announcment/party, as some babies do not cooperate on the first visit. I undertand that Sono Baby Ultrasound Is NOT responsible for any inconclusive gender tests,wrong gender, and/or mail delays in the Sneak Peek Early Gender DNA Process and/or Ultrasound process. Seeing your Doctor/midwife prior to any ultrasound/gender test is highly reccomended as we cant give you any medical infomation regaurding your due date/number of weeks, health infomation etc. I understand that Sono Baby Ultrasound does not offer refunds. I understand the recommended time for color imaging (3D/4D+) is 26-32 weeks. If you are 33 weeks and beyond, we will scan you first before taking payment and see if we are able to obtain images of your baby. If we are not able to obtain images, you will be charged a non-refundable minimum scan fee of $45. (Non-refundable minimum fee, packages and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice).* I understand the Watch Me Grow package cannot be transfered to another pregnancy or given to somone else. I understand this package may be used up to 4 times in one month, and cannot be refunded for any reason once purchased. I understand that with Watch Me Grow, If I am a "no show" (Must cancel/reschedule min. 24 hours prior to appointment)/ Cancel/reschedule or cant make an appointment each week etc. I will forfit my scan for that week. If more than 2 "No Shows"/cancel my appointment I will be charged a $45 Non-refundable booking/cancelation/"No Show"  fee each occurrence to continue scanning .I understand that without the minimum 24 hours notice to Sono Baby Ultrasound that Is considered a loss for Sono Baby Ultrasound and cost them money/time and a lost appointment that could have been taken by someone else.There will be a $45 "no Show" /cancelation fee to rebook. this amount does not go towards your package.  I understand more information about my ultrasound, etc. may be updated without notice on the website and I am resposible for informing myself on any policies/pricing/changes, etc. 

I have notified my physician that I have chosen to obtain an elective 2D/3D/4D/HD Live/Silhouette fetal ultrasound from Sono Baby Ultrasound and I understand my physician has not ordered this. I understand that this ultrasound is not to be used to replace physician care. I understand this is an elective ultrasound and is NOT covered by my insurance. I have been informed that the federal Food and Drug Administration has determined that the use of medical ultrasound equipment for reasons other than medical purposes, without a physician’s prescription, is unapproved use. I have been informed that Sono Baby Ultrasound follows FDA recommendations for frequency (sound waves) and length of scan which has found no detrimental effects.                                    

Email us at with any questions regarding returning your items or any questions about the information provided above. 

Thank you!

Sono Baby Ultrasound

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